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Finally got our orders caught up, so today I get to create new items!!!! We have a whole new line of signs coming to our etsyshop soon! I am pretty darn excited about them! Hopefully, when they are done, y'all will love them to!

Where my Sagittarians at? Libra is always enjoying music whenever they go. Zodiac Pendants available at: JewelrySupplyfinds. Rep your Zodiac with a custom designed salon size mirror by Vanilla B. DM me your creative idea! I was inspired today to read a bit about astrological signs and such.

Do you think certain signs are more compatible? Do any of you put any amount of faith in your horoscopes? They may forgive you but you have forever altered the way they will bond with you. They love their children, partners and family so much they can easily smother them with their doting attention and care. Fiercely loyal, everything in their world is about their family or children.

If you are looking for a girl to run your house, protect your children and be an incredible mother, Cancer is your gal. Its just part of his genetic-zodiac make up. Not so fast. This sign is ruled by the moon, which changes signs every two days. The moon also rules the tides of the ocean, which can be soft and subtle, or tsunami like.


They are the moodiest of signs and can drag you into the depths of their ocean floor if you let them. If you take it personally or are sensitive yourself this might be a challenge. When you feel like they are being impossible just remember how gooey and soft they are inside. This is one of those signs you have to take the good with the bad.

"The Magic Fateball"

You know there is a risk of getting pinched. As much as this sign loves to nurture, tend an care for others they hate to be vulnerable. No matter how much they want that homey relationship, they can hold you off forever and wait you out. On the other hand, if they are interested in you they will get straight to business to determine if you are marriage or family material.

Despite the fact they tend to push you away more than pull you in sometimes, their claws have dug in deep. Women are already moody so you might as well get very comfortable with the idea a Cancer woman is even moodier. Make this mantra your friend and you will sail on this beautiful sea without a problem. Any sailor knows however, that the sea can turn on a time with a fierce storm or waves that can flip your sail. Just hold onto to your sail in the storm and let the storm pass. The peaceful day after is one of the best moments in life.

The Cancer woman is never sure of herself and finds her greatest potential in the expression of motherhood and bonding. If you provide her with solid roots where she can practice nurturing others it will be smooth sailing. This perfect gentleman is clean cut, the nice guy next-door, cool and composed. He is Mr. He is the proverbial good provider and will treat you like a Queen and even better if you bear his children. They have to buffer that shell and handle him with kid gloves showing the same dedication and loyalty he shows. They also have to cope with a moody man who can be overly smothering, responsible, needy, pretentious and very reclusive.

This reclusive behavior can be all consuming at times and their partners must be able to avoid the quicksand. Pisces, another emotion water bearing sign works well but their dualistic nature can be too much for Cancer. Earthy signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are very good matches because of a natural symbiosis. Capricorn will be harder than the other two because their grounded seriousness might play too much into the moody reclusive behavior holding them both back.

Fire signs like Leo, Sagittarius and Aries bring out the worst in Cancer. To attract this sign you must show that loving, nurturing side of yourself. You must appear safe, kind and gentle at all cost or this crab will not come out of its shell. Your secret weapon is laughter.

This sign, much like Gemini, loves to laugh. You also have to understand their subtle humor and big-picture approach to life.

For this sign sex and marriage or relationship go hand in hand! This is not the sign for one night stands! So drop your handkerchief, crack a funny line and Cancer will be at your side. They love to do anything at home or near water. Any loving, family feeling event will soothe their souls. Family picnics, reunions, a barbeque with friends at home or pool party will work great. You should be kind, gentle, doting and let them dote on you without being a doormat.

They want a partner they can bond with for life. Once they do marry you they are one of the least likely signs to stray! When Venus or Mars is in Leo, the fantasies often revolve around devotion and attention. These people are most turned on when their partner thinks they are gods or goddesses. Although they will take care of their partners in bed, their natural inclination is to get off themselves.

Their pride in their lovemaking compels them to try to be the best in bed. While some want a mate they can show off, many prefer not to have two stars in the same household. In fact, they may put their partners to the test every now and again, and the more insecure ones will demand the world from their partners, if only to have them prove their love.

They are prone to fibbing when it comes to love and sex, as they are out to impress their mates. They are attracted to inequality in sexual scenarios. It is hard for these people to separate love and sex. Even their most erotic sexual fantasies are infused with love and affection. They can sometimes come on too strong, and get impatient when their needs are not met soon enough, but you may appreciate their direct sexual expression, and their openness in bed.

People with Pisces rising are sentimental, sensitive, and empathetic. They are the social chameleons, and always seek to find common ground with new people.

Fuck Yeah Scorpio!

Pisces Ascending people are great storytellers, and have a tendency to embellish the truth. Take everything these folks say with a grain of salt. Ruled by the planet Neptune, people with this rising sign crave an element of fantasy in their lives. People with Pisces rising favor distinctive footwear, and often have closets crammed with shoes.

Many enjoy going barefoot, and have beautifully shaped feet.

Cancer – Sensitive Crab

Folks with this Ascendant usually have messy, bedroom hair and dreamy, unfocused eyes. They like clothes with a dash of glamour. Aquarius January 20 -February 18 Aquarius is the master of sexual twists and turns. Sex is more of an intellectual experience, rather than physical. They are very entertaining and inventive in bed. Expect to learn new things. Aquarius men can keep at it as long as it takes for their partner to finish.

Aquarius Woman in Bed : Aquarius women need lover who are upfront and honest. She tries not to show her emotions, so she may seem cold and distant at times. Aquarius Hot Spots : Aquarius loves their legs and calves being fondled. Do not go below the ankles! Sex with no inhibitions. Aries turns Gemini on and they try, together, things they have only read about. Aries is the leader in every aspect. Then come to an orgasmic explosion! As a Scorpio with a certain level of magnetism amplified by a Jupiter conjunct Venus and the Charming help of a Gemini rising and the bold, sexy, and Confident Leo Moon, I have succeeded in seducing a number of people of several different signs.

This will all be from the point of view from a pansexual, homo romantic woman. Spread this around for people who will be interested. I will tag them all: Seducing the Signs. Sex with aries is intense, just as their personality. It is made of fire and the constant need for more, more and more. They can be a bit selfish, but they just love to have fun.

She will treat men like a piece of meat, then think about it the next day.

"Arrow of Love"

She wants to be wanted at all times. If you do not give her enough attention, she will seek it elsewhere. You are ambitious but you can be a little arrogant. Do not be surprised if a Capricorn keeps testing your loyalty. A Capricorn hates making mistakes no matter how small they are. That is why the usually tend to play it safe. Capricorns are rarely contented with themselves and their lives. They are always looking for ways to improve. Log in Sign up. What does your venus sign mean? Venus in Aries: believes in love at 1st sight. He makes romantic fantasies happen.

Venus in Taurus: is always himself, a quality lover who plays for keeps. Venus in Gemini: says the nicest things in the most charming way. Venus in Cancer: loves you with the magnitude of motherly love. Could you ask for more? Venus in Leo: showers you with gifts and wants lasting love. Venus in Virgo: pays so much attention to each nuance about you. Venus in Libra: knows how to dress well, speak well, and be nice to everyone. Venus in Scorpio: is a sex god who would die for you. I take back what I said for Venus in Cancer.

Venus in Sagittarius: sees you as the perfect partner on a pedestal. He easily overlooks your flaws. Venus in Capricorn: promises to take care of you.

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He greatly appreciates your loyalty and faithfulness. Venus in Aquarius: lets you live your life. He sees sex as art and he wants to paint with you. Venus in Pisces: lover in distress, is yours for the rescue. Astrology Natal Mars Sexstrology. Astrology Sexstrology Natal Mars. Libra facts. Taken from Xstrology and Sexstrology via Twitter.

Libra Zodiac Xstrology Sexstrology.

Ask astro-chaos a question taurus taurus female sexstrology. Just for clarification:. S4S sexforthesigns sex for the signs Sexstrology astrology water sign fire sign air sign earth sign cancer scorpio pisces aries leo sagittarius gemini libra Aquarius taurus virgo capricorn. When a Libra smiles, the whole world smiles too. Libra sees both sides of an issue with equanimity. They strive for justice. Thats why they swallow.

With a Libra, your goal is to work towards their butt. Libra Strengths: Diplomacy, charm, lover of beauty Libra lovers wont stick through pain and suffering. Libra is turned off by burping and farting.